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No other day is filled with as much meaning and significance as your wedding day. And, no other person can either add or detract from the beauty of your day than the wedding officiant. It is incredibly important you make the choice of hiring an officiant that will champion a ceremony fully reflecting your wishes and desires.

I love weddings, and I love being married! I am married to my best friend, the love of my life, Tayren. I couldn't imagine doing life without her. And, our marriage fuels my passion--helping others begin the amazing journey of marriage the right way, with an unforgettable ceremony. 


Each of my ceremonies is uniquely personalized, tailored to fit exactly who you both are, the pace and tone you desire, and the elements you want involved.

My wedding ceremonies are long enough to feel purposeful and significant yet short enough to be clear and concise. 

I promise that your ceremony will not feel cliché, filled with antiquated phrases, but rather one that is professional, yet relaxed and fun. It is YOUR day, so let's partner together and make it amazing.


I look forward to meeting you and discussing your upcoming wedding!


Jon Krist