Jon Krist is the full package!

Leading up to the wedding, he was always available for meetings and helped out with anything we needed. He asked the right questions to determine what we wanted him to talk about and sought constant feedback on his ideas, forming a beautiful message for our wedding. We told him we wanted one thing to ring clear in his message - the gospel. And that's what he did, he spoke to our friends and family, like he was speaking in an individual loving conversation to each of them. Jon knows that the fundamental piece of a solid marriage is God's unifying love and provision. 

One thing I'll always be thankful for was his strong recommendation that we do pre-marital counseling. At first we were very hesitant, but we ended up signing up and this was the best thing we did could have done for our marriage! 

In our rehearsal he directed all parties where and how to stand and when to enter and exit. He explained the timeline and how long each exchange should take. Although we had known Jon as a good friend prior to the wedding, he did some additional research about our relationship by interviewing everyone in our bridal party prior to his message. He used this information powerfully in his message. His words were true and genuine. 

Jon brought so much joy and peace to us in such a monumental time in our lives. You would be lucky to have him officiate your wedding.